Protect Yourself from Stolen Files with Cybersecurity

When someone saves a file on their laptop, they expect it to be secure. Unless that particular file is saved on a network, most people don’t expect anyone else to be able to access it. However, data is stolen every day from unsuspecting individuals and businesses that don’t take the proper steps to keep their files secure. When these files contain customers’ credit card information or other sensitive data, businesses need more than an antivirus program to protect themselves.

As a business owner, you owe it to your customers and employees to protect yourself from stolen files. A data breach could not only hurt your clients, it could result in job loss for your employees if your company has to pay out a large settlement or even has to close due to the theft. Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to keep your data safe and ensure your business thrives, even while using company computers on the road.

While an antivirus is essential to keep malware off of a network, having additional security, such as a firewall that is so secure only authorized staff members with the right credentials can access the files, will ensure data is safe no matter where an employee is accessing the network. The best providers allow each member of the team to have their own password and give the administrator the ability to revoke access when necessary to secure the company’s data if an employee leaves the company.

Every company must do what they can to protect the data their customers entrust them with. By using a cybersecurity company with a trusted reputation in the industry, business owners can be confident they are in compliance with the law as well as providing maximum value to their customers. Business owners who have these systems in place can devote more of their time to activities that will increase company revenue.

Email hacks, data breaches and files stolen from from businesses that utilize public Wi-Fi are on the news frequently. You can avoid this negative publicity by investing in cybersecurity and locking down your company’s data so each employee will only be able to see data that is relevant to them and their role within the company.